The main products of our lives changing as the technology develops, “Electronic Products”!…

Products used in manufacturing all types of electronic products…

Will be in the Electronist Exhibition!

Being the most important event of Turkey in the area of electronics, the International Electronist Exhibition, where all products used in manufacturing electronic products are displayed, is preparing to gather the industry for the 5th time.

With the developing technology, electronic devices have been begun to take more place in our daily lives. All parts used in any kind of electronic devices which are inevitably used as a result of the fast development of technology will be displayed together at the International Electronist Exhibition.

Thanks to the new adjustment we have carried out in the structure of the International Electronist Exhibition, which is the only exhibition of the industry in the region where Turkey is located, for the year 2016, in a short time we expect the exhibition to be an event where the industry gathers. We are deepening our efforts in order to ensure that the exhibition covers a wider section every other year in terms of industry and region, and we are making plans to turn it into one of the exhibitions that represents our country in the field of electronics and is followed by the whole world in the relevant industries. We know that we, as Marmara Fair Organization, the organizer of the technological exhibition, will succeed in our plans and achieve our goals in a very short just like all the other exhibitions we organize.

We aim to gather manufacturer, designer and distributor companies of all the components, semi-products and all any kind of parts used in manufacturing all kinds of electronic devices with end-product manufacturers, technical service companies and all the other targeted groups at the International Electronist Exhibition. As we have been organizing exhibitions related to electronics and technology for many years, we believe that we will be able to achieve this goal in a very short time thanks to our existing knowledge.

The Era of Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things)

In the industry, we are in the period that is defined as “Industry 4.0”. In this period, the biggest change is experienced naturally in the areas of electronics and technology. Particularly with the “IoT (Internet of Things)” changes occur in every field of our lives. And the parts of these changes which are reflected on our modern lives the most will be experienced in the products to be displayed in the International Electronist Exhibition. Therefore, the content studies carried out for the International Electronist Exhibition have been planned in accordance with these developments.

These plans have been made to ensure in general that a special part will be organized within our exhibition in relation to the Industry 4.0 and IoT, Industry 4.0 and IoT will be discussed at the conferences to be held at the same time with our exhibitions, and our exhibitors will display products in accordance with this new era.

In order to:

  • Reach larger masses and introduce your products as well as your company to them,
  • Penetrate into new markets and meet new purchasers,
  • Reinforce your current market position, and get ahead of the competition, and
  • Maintain your position in the ever growing and changing market,

We invite you to take place as an exhibitor at the International Electronist Exhibition which has become an event that is followed by the companies of the industry within the region thanks to Turkey’s power in electronic sub-industry production and producing end-products from semi-finished goods as well as the fast growth graphics of both Turkey and the surrounding countries.

Without fail, take your place in the International Electronist Exhibition, where the products of today and the future will be displayed.